Aplikasi Perlakuan Fisik untuk Mematahkan Dormansi terhadap Perkecambahan Benih dan Pertumbuhan Bibit Aren (Arenga pinnata Merr.)

Rahmaniah Rahmaniah, Muhammad Ermayn Erhaka, Tuti Heiriyani


Palm trees are now getting scarce, as many are old and cut down. The absence of technology that
can shorten the dormancy of sugar palm is an obstacle that is still faced in the provision of palm
seeds. The cause of dormant seed dormancy is the thick skin of the seeds and the unbalanced
stimulants and inhibitors present in spurring germination activity. Eliminating the dormancy
period is one way for the provision of seeds briefly. This study used RAK method with one factor
experiment. From the experiment there were 5 treatments with 5 replications. The treatment is
a1: Without treatment (control), a2: Approximate to the bud eye, a3: Given a hole near the bud
eye, a4: Beaten with a hammer on the seeds of palm sugar and a5: Soaked in water with an initial
temperature of 75o C for 15 minutes. The results showed that the physical treatment to break
the dormancy aren gives effect, on percentage parameter germination, sprout sprout 50% growth
rate and length radikula. The hole treated treatment was the best treatment in declaring
dormancy of palm seeds with the highest percentage of germination percentage of 66% and the
fastest 50% sprout time growth rate of 0.64 (4.4 days).

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20527/jtamav.v1i2.120


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