Pengaruh Campuran Media Tanam Terhadap Pertumbuhan dan Produksi Kubis Bunga ( L.)

Khairul Ansar, Hilda Susanti, Lyswiana Aphrodyanti


The research, entitled influence of the media mix towards growth and production of cauliflower
(Brasicca olerace L.) have been implemented in March until may 2017 on the field of Lambung
Mangkurat, Agriculture Faculty. The experimental design used a random complete design (RAL)
with 5 treatment M0 = (control) 8
soil + NPK, M1 = (7.5
soil + 0.5
manure + NPK) M2 = (7
soil + 0.5
kilogram kilogram
sand + 0.5
kilogram kilogram
manure + NPK), M3
= (7
soil + 0.5
kilogram kilogram
chaff + 0.5
manure + NPK), M4 = (7
soil +
kilogram kilogram
chaff ash + 0.5
manure + NPK). The treatment has 4 replication and 20
units experiment. Observations include the increase of leaves number, early flower emergence,
cabbage flower diameter, cabbage flower wet weight. Results show media mixture has influence
on plant growth and the production of cauliflower. Soil mixture, chicken manure, NPK get the
chaff or ash gives growth and production of cauliflower the best compared to other mixture



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