Produksi Saus Kaya Serat Berbahan Semi Refined Carrageenan (SRC) Dari Rumput Laut Eucheuma cottonii. Revisi

Jahriya Wati, Hesty Heryani, Agung Nugroho


Diversification of seaweed products in the form of fibrous and nutritious foods in the form of sauce produced by adding SRC flour and tapioca flour. Semi Refined Carrageenan (SRC) is one of the low-purity carrageen products because it still contains small amounts of cellulose that coalesce along with carrageenan. SRC is commercially produced from Eucheuma cottonii seaweed through the extraction process using an alkali solution (Potassium hydroxide) (Tamaheang et al., 2017). This study aims to determine the best formulation of SRC flour, composition and tapioca starch into fiber-rich sauce, knowing the preferred levels and chemical characteristics of the best SRC flour formulation, the composition and the tapioca flour into fiber-rich sauce, and knowing the cost of the product (HPP) from a rich sauce made from SRC fiber. Added SRC flour 0%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% and 100%. The results of organoleptic test showed that SRC-rich sugars most favored by student panelists were concentrations of  50% SRC flour. The result of test of nutrient content of fiber-rich sauce with flour concentration of 50%  SRC is moisture content 91.58%, ash content 0.35%, fat content 0.09%, protein content 1.25%, carbohydrate 5.37%, and crude fiber 2.50%. Cost of Production of fiber-rich sauce with the best formulation of Rp. 849.00. Sauce selling price of Rp. 1000 with profit Rp. 15,100,2 per production.

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