Fortifikasi Zat Besi Pada Tepung Ikan Gabus (Channa striata) Menggunakan Kalakai (Stenochlaena palustris (Burm F.) Bedd)

Agustina Pradana Siwi , Hesty Heryani, Agung Nugroho


            Potential fish cork (Channa striata), in the South Kalimantan area is abundant but the utilization of cork fish processing is not yet maximal and is still used as a material of daily consumption. It is necessary to diversify the cork fish processing into a product that has a higher value, both in terms of nutritional value and economics can be utilized and processed into fish meal. The study was conducted by using kalakai as fortification of iron in cork fish meal. The result of this research is the best formula that is 85% comparison of cork fish and 15% of kalakai plants. Based on the results of laboratory analysis in know the protein content of 60.86%, water content 9.29%, ash content 8.09%, fat content 2.62, and has an iron contentof 29.87 mg. the best formulation will be analyzed cost of production by using Activity Based Coasting method. Based on the analysis of cost of production in the known cost of preparation of raw materials of Rp. 30,609, cleaning fee of Rp. 892, the cost of steaming is Rp. 645.15, drying costs Rp. 1.972, milling cost Rp. 875, and packaging cost Rp. 457, with the selling price of Rp. 45,000. 

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